A Capital improvement opens in Raleigh
This morning, the flyover ramp between Northbound 401 / Capital Boulevard and Wade Avenue westbound reopened on a new bridge. This restores a vital connection between Downtown Raleigh and points west, and serves as an early Christmas present for travelers in the capital city. The reverse direction between eastbound Wade and northbound Capital Blvd. will open in 2019. While this is not a “new” connection, it is a modernized one and a needed improvement, and we are pleased to see it reopen. Thank you to NCDOT for keeping us moving!

You can travel more places, thanks to more flights at RDU
RDU now has more than 60 nonstop destination airports serving far more than 50 metro cities, and the good news is that even more are on the way. This fall saw the launch of three new domestic and three new international destinations on Frontier Airlines: Phoenix, West Palm Beach, and Fort Myers, along with Cancun, Montego Bay, and Punta Cana. In addition, Allegiant begins flying to Puerto Rico tomorrow. The strong carrier mix at RDU has grown to the point that more than half of our destination cities are now served by two or more airlines – this provides traveler choice and keeps fares competitive.

2023 is looking like a great year for our region
In five years, this region will have at least three major new transportation corridors opening within months of each other. As our chair Bruce Sargent noted earlier this month, NCDOT has just awarded the construction contract for the longest section of 540 in southern Wake, with expected opening of March 2023. The first 50 miles of I-42 – which will link directly with 540 – will also be open by late 2023. Plus, the first BRT line in Wake County is also slated to open in Raleigh in 2023. Sometimes transportation projects can seem to take a while, but given the amount of construction, 2023 sounds like a banner year.

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Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director