By Sam Nichols,
RTA Streets chair

The Regional Transportation Alliance business coalition has held nearly 20 Solutions Forum events over the past 12 years to bring experts together from our market and beyond to provide suggestions and ideas that could make our region more mobile and accessible.

As valuable as these insights are, sometimes we get something even better — we get specific solutions that we can implement.

At the RTA Solutions Forum 13 event in September 2009, we highlighted an option to improve the intersection of Regency Parkway, Tryon Road, and the US 1 freeway northbound ramp entrance in southeastern Cary. Wetherill Engineering and Dr. Joe Hummer came together to identify a solution that would simplify travel paths and reduce the number of signal “phases” at the intersection from its prior configuration.


The Town of Cary incorporated the suggestion into proposed improvements at the intersection, and in fall 2015 NCDOT implemented the improvements.



Jerry Jensen, Cary Transportation Manager, stated in December that “the technical support that we get from RTA is tremendous, and the final improvements at this intersection mirrored a lot of US1-Tryon-Regencythe suggestions that RTA provided.” Jensen offered kudos to NCDOT for implementing the changes, and said that “the Town is grateful for the suggestion and fortunate to have partners like RTA to help create workable solutions.”

RTA applauds The Town of Cary, NCDOT, RTA member Wetherill Engineering and Dr. Joe Hummer for their focus and leadership on this intersection.

Let’s get moving,
Sam Nichols

RTA Streets chair
First Citizens Bank