RTA Priority: Progress the implementation of the Wake Transit plan

The Wake Transit referendum gained voter approval in November 2016 to secure a dedicated, locally-controlled funding source for the $2.1 billion, 10-year Wake Transit plan.

Countywide and regional partners are now undergoing detailed planning efforts and studies to implement the plan over the next 10 years.

Core components of the 10-year Wake Transit plan:

  • 20+ miles of bus rapid transit (BRT)
  • 50+ miles of additional 15-minute frequent transit service
  • 3x increase in overall bus service
  • 30 miles of regional commuter rail

Current Efforts

RTA is engaged in the acceleration of the Wake Transit plan and rapid service improvements. The regional business community is focused on supporting and encouraging the following:

  • Staged bus rapid transit corridor acceleration, including “RED” transit lanes and stop/station improvements to enhance comfort and perception
  • Reduce barriers to considering and using transit, including support for the free youth fares and potential expansion of fare-free and simplified fare and payment processes
  • Consider alternative propulsion technologies, including CNG and electric buses
  • Unified regional branding of rapid transit corridors, and development of a public dashboard ato sustain support and increase awareness of the benefits and progress of transit
  • Read more about several of these opportunities in this RTA blog post

Recent Successes

  • Capital Area MPO initiates RED transit lanes study
  • Youth GoPass launches, providing free service on any bus in the region for everyone 18 and under
  • First Wake Transit service improvements begin Aug. 2017 for FY’18
  • Wake Transit referendum gained voter approval in November 2016
  • RTA led communications strategy and media outreach for the successful Wake Transit referendum campaign fall 2016
  • RTA spearheaded the push for a scalable, bus rapid transit-based approach for Wake County which became the foundation of the approved, bipartisan Wake County transit plan, released Dec. ’15

More information about Wake Transit implementation: gofowardnc.org/waketransit

More information about prior RTA efforts leading to the approved Wake Transit plan and successful 2016 referendum campaign: letsgetmoving.org/waketransitreferendum