US 1 north is slated for conversion to freeway north of I-540. Between I-540 and I-440, Capital Boulevard is part of the National Highway System and is severely congested with no current plans for significant improvements.  Between Downtown Raleigh and I-440, US 401 / Capital Boulevard functions better, with portions operating as a free-flow street.  US 401 in Downtown Raleigh exists as a one-way pair of synchronized streets, and typically functions quite well

RTA supports the improvement of Capital Boulevard to ensure that it can become a true gateway entrance for the capital city of Raleigh.

Current RTA focus

Support the staged conversion of US 1 / Capital Boulevard north of I-540 to a freeway

Support improvements to US 1 / Capital Boulevard south of I-540 to improve north-south travel between I-540 and I-440, and continuing to US 401 / Capital Boulevard south to Downtown Raleigh.

Successes of RTA and partners

NCDOT and the City of Raleigh are finalizing plans to replace the US 401/Capital Boulevard interchange bridges with Peace Street and Wade Avenue