The Regional Transportation Alliance advocates for improvements to the region’s major streets and arterial roadways that will provide mobility, accessibility, and safety improvements while meeting the needs of state, regional, and local travelers.   The goal is to achieve a balanced solution from a community, regional, and statewide perspective for these roadways.

We recognize that certain widening, lane restriping and signal timing and phasing changes can provide immediate benefits to congested intersections along various streets, as well as various innovative intersection and corridor treatments including conversion to synchronized street or controlled roundabout.

We have also identified potential improvements at various intersections through the RTA Solutions Forum series and via the I-40 Regional Partnership. NCDOT and area municipalities have made improvements at several locations as a result of those efforts, including I-40 at Harrison Avenue, I-40 at NC 54, I-40 at South Saunders Street, and US 1 at Tryon Road and Regency Parkway.

Our current list of overall freeway and streets priorities was recommended by 2012 Freeways and Streets chair Sam Nichols and approved by the RTA Steering Committee on September 26, 2012.  The priorities were updated by the RTA Leadership Team on May 9, 2013 and again on September 13, 2013 as part of the 2014 RTA Action Plan.

Top RTA priorities for improvements to existing streets

  • US 64 West interchanges (e.g., Lake Pine, Laura Duncan) – Cary/Apex
  • NC 54 East interchanges/synchronized street – Chapel Hill/Durham
  • US 1 North of Downtown Raleigh – improve gateway corridor into downtown Raleigh

Top RTA traffic congestion relief techniques and enhancements for existing street network

  • Conversion to synchronized street to improve flow and safety
  • Intersection improvements including conversion to interchange
  • Roundabouts, including controlled roundabouts, at intersections regionwide
  • Consideration of existing and future transit needs in corridor and intersection improvements
  • Bike path, greenway, and sidewalk links