The 2016-17 RTA Action Plan was approved by the RTA Leadership Team at our annual planning retreat on July 28, 2016. See below for a summary of our focus areas and download the full action plan here.

See the list of our current Chairs Council and Steering Committee members here.

2016-17 RTA Action Plan

1. Increase business strength

Strategic goal:  Grow the RTA Leadership Team and the overall RTA organization by 50% in 36 months beginning July 1, 2016

  • Grow investment in RTA
  • Inform all members
  • Create excellent events
  • Engage major investors

 2. Provide regional leadership

 Strategic goal:  Strengthen the voice of the regional business community through simplified communication, purposeful collaboration, and rapid information gathering and sharing

3. Advance transportation solutions

Strategic goal:  Leverage the strength of the unified regional business community to advance transportation solutions for commuting, commerce, transit, and tourism

Focus areas:

  • Lobby for effective, sustainable funding
  • Complete freeway corridors
  • Optimize freeway operations
  • Enhance streets to improve accessibility
  • Create robust transit networks
  • Develop effective freight and intercity rail
  • Strengthen air service at RDU

2016-17 transportation priorities:

  • Wake Transit referendum
  • Durham-Orange transit corridor
  • Complete 540 to I-40 in SE Wake
  • RDU international London/Paris flights
  • I-40 / Fortify
  • Multimodal 54 Initiative
  • RDU domestic flights and master plan
  • On-ramp signals for I-540
  • Express shoulder lanes on I-540
  • I-87 and I-42 interstate corridors
  • US 70 and US 1 conversions to freeway
  • CCX project in Rocky Mount/eastern Triangle
  • Regional bicycle share pilot in Raleigh
  • Higher speed rail to DC, Charlotte