See below for the current list of all RTA transportation priorities, solutions, and objectives as well as selected regional leadership objectives from our complete 2017-18 RTA Action Plan. Our top 5 priorities for 2018 are here.

Transportation Priorities and Regional Leadership objectives

Legislation, policy, and funding
– Maintain leadership role in transportation policy and funding
– Protect the bipartisan, data-driven Strategic Transportation Investments law

– Prioritize the acceleration of Complete 540/Southeast extension to I-40
– Advance I-40, I-440 widening, scalable interchange improvements, and Future I-87 and I-42
– Accelerate US 70 core and US 1 north conversions to freeway and Aviation freeway

– Identify and accelerate multimodal improvements for NC 54, US 1 north, US 64 and US 70
– Support bicycle share pilot programs across the region
– Ensure a multimodal/complete streets focus including flexible design and scalable solutions

Traffic operations
– Support I-540 on-ramp signals for congestion relief
– Advance express shoulder lanes pilot on I-540 and support regional toll study
– Highlight Synchronized Streets and other intersection innovations

– Push fast transit implementation regionwide on freeways, streets, and dedicated corridors
– Support land use policies to maximize the success of light rail, commuter rail, bus rapid transit
– Lead regional business efforts to encourage transit use and expanded travel options

Freight and commerce
– Support the CCX project in Rocky Mount and other opportunities to strengthen freight
– Encourage policies and projects that maintain efficient trucking and freight rail operations
– Promote freight and commerce corridors and maintain manufacturing site availability

Intercity higher speed rail
– Advance the Raleigh-Petersburg-Richmond higher speed rail corridor via CSX S-line
– Support SE Corridor improvements between Richmond, Northern Virginia, and D.C.
– Push metro express intercity rail service to Charlotte that improves trip times and reliability

RDU Airport / Air Service Advancement Project (ASAP)
– Support RDU’s master plan objectives and advance new airport revenue sources
– Partner with RDU to improve the number of domestic destinations and flights
– Support existing and catalyze future international flights; leverage ASAP if/as needed

Regional Travel Experience
– Create a guest awareness mindset for travel and tourism as it relates to mobility
– Examine opportunities to improve the travel experience including wayfinding and aesthetics

Rapid research
– Conduct a successful 2017 leadership briefing and tour to Richmond, Virginia
– Engage member firms on rapid, targeted research on key issues and focus areas

Emerging technology and paradigms
– Convene a regional transportation summit to provide additional focus on our mobility future
– Highlight innovations and emerging paradigms to identify and accelerate new solutions
– Strengthen RTA leadership role in transportation policy, funding, pricing, and allocation

Note:  You can also view an RTA one-page summary of upcoming roadway improvements.