RTA’s top congestion-relief priority is the modernization of I-440 in west Raleigh.

RTA supports proposed improvements to I-440 and encourages NCDOT to continue their efforts to minimize both short- and long-term impacts to the greatest extent possible.

The regional business community is committed to creating awareness of the project and offering suggestions and actions that can help minimize traffic impacts during construction.

Why we need to Fix 440

The current corridor was built more than 50 years ago, has narrow shoulders, short on- and off-ramps, substandard access points, and the narrowest travelway on the entire Beltline with only two lanes per direction. The resulting bottleneck section creates congestion and safety concerns for several hours per day.

NCDOT will widen the roadway to six through lanes, upgrade interchanges, and modernize the corridor to that it can better meet the growing demands of our community – both today and tomorrow – for commuting, commerce, transit, and tourism.

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