RTA Priority: Advance congestion relief efforts regionwide,
including I-440, I-40, I-540, US 70, Multimodal 54

The backbone of regional travel for automobiles, transit, and freight is the regional freeway system.  The Research Triangle region, located in the northeastern Piedmont of North Carolina, has a well-developed, growing, but still incomplete freeway network.

RTA priorities for freeway corridors and other major arteries

  • Accelerate the completion of 540 to I-40
  • Complete widening and interchange improvements along I-40, I-440, I-540
  • Highlight benefits of I-540 on-ramp signals for peak period congestion relief
  • Advance express shoulder lanes pilot on I-540 and support regional toll study
  • Accelerate core US 70 Durham-Raleigh and US 1 north conversions to freeway
  • Support interchange and corridor enhancements along NC 54

Selected other highway focus areas

  • Support interchange and corridor enhancements to US 64 west
  • Advance I-87 and I-42 corridors for economic development

RTA priorities for transportation operations and safety

  • Support I-40/Fortify and similar initiatives to preserve our trunk freeway system
  • Consider targeted speed limit increases in Triangle and selected corridors statewide