Identify sustainable funding to implement the approved RDU 2040 Master Plan is the second-highest RTA priority for 2018-19.

The RDU Vision2040 Master Plan for the next 25 years guides the growth of our hometown international airport.

A sustainable funding mechanism is required to implement the plan and complete essential improvements including reconstructing our primary runway “5L-23R”. RDU has a scalable and effective plan for expansion, but there is a significant funding gap that will require new and innovative revenue options to resolve.

The approved 2017-2019 North Carolina state budget includes more than $30 million annually in recurring funds (beginning in 2018) for capital improvements at RDU International Airport.  While these funds do not provide all of the resources that will be required to execute the master plan, they still represent an enormous win for the region.

Current Efforts

  • RTA is highlighting the positive economic and tax impact of RDU Airport on our region and state and the need to fund the 2040 Master Plan
  • RTA is reviewing the approved Vision2040 RDU Master Plan as well as land use development considerations.

Recent Successes

  • Federal Aviation Administration approves the RDU Master Plan in late 2017
  • NC budget includes $30 million in new recurring funds for RDU Airport improvements – approved June 28, 2017
  • The RDU Airport Authority approved the preferred RDU Master Plan Oct. 2016
  • RDU launches 18-month Master Plan study and public workshops June 2015

More information about the RDU Master Plan

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