Every RTA membership offers regional insights, impact, and visibility — choose the level that meets the needs of your business and associates.

Summary of benefits

Overview of RTA Steering Committee investment levels: 

  • RTA Omnia Gold:           [ $20,000/year]  Presenting sponsor at all RTA events and tours
  • RTA Presenting Gold:    [ $15,000/year]  Presenting sponsor at one major RTA event or tour
  • RTA Sustaining Gold:    [ $10,000/year]  Serve on RTA Steering Committee

Overview of RTA Leadership Team investment levels: 

  • RTA Gold and higher:    [ $ 7,500/year]  Enhanced recognition at all RTA events and website
  • RTA Silver and higher:   [ $ 5,000/year]  Serve on RTA Leadership Team, with logo at all events

Overview of RTA Bronze and Standard investment levels: 

  • RTA Bronze and higher:  [ $ 2,500/year]  Name recognition at all RTA events
  • All RTA members:           [ $500 – $2,000/yr.]  Includes registration at all RTA events

See below for a detailed list of membership benefits at each level.

Contact Natalie Griffith with questions at natalie@letsgetmoving.org, or 919.664.7062.

RTA Steering Committee investment levels

RTA Omnia Gold membership – $20,000 annual investment

  • All events “presented by” your company during your entire membership year
  • Opportunity to present at all events throughout the year
  • Reserved parking with firm logo at all events, site logistics-permitting
  • Plus all RTA Sustaining Gold benefits below

RTA Presenting Gold membership – $15,000 annual investment

  • One major event “presented by” your company
  • Opportunity to present at the selected event
  • Reserved parking with firm logo at the selected event, site logistics-permitting
  • Plus all RTA Sustaining Gold benefits below

RTA Sustaining Gold membership – $10,000 annual investment

  • Serve on RTA Steering Committee – semiannual regional strategy sessions
  • First opportunity to serve on RTA Chairs Council
  • Exclusive meetings with RTA chair, vice chairs, and executive director on key priorities
  • Exclusive recognition as highest-level investor group in selected RTA outreach
  • Plus all RTA Gold benefits below

RTA Leadership Team investment levels

RTA Gold membership – $7,500 annual investment

  • Enhanced recognition benefits at all RTA events and throughout RTA website
  • Exclusive logo placement on every page of the RTA website
  • Prominent logo recognition in advance of and during all RTA events
  • Registration for eight (8) attendees at the RTA annual meeting and four (4) at the RTA Breakfast
  • Plus all RTA Silver benefits below

RTA Silver membership – $5,000 annual investment

  • Member of RTA Leadership Team – quarterly regional policy meetings
  • Logo recognition at all events as RTA Leadership Team member
  • Recognition in advance of all events in RTA event emails and communication
  • Opportunity for exclusive, on-site executive reviews and town hall meetings
  • Plus all RTA Bronze benefits below

RTA Bronze and Standard investment levels

RTA Bronze membership – $2,500 annual investment

  • Recognition at all RTA events – both verbal and company name
  • Invitation to the annual RTA Leadership Retreat
  • Recognition in advance of all events on RTA event webpage
  • Registration for two at all events
  • Direct link to company website from online member list
  • Plus all RTA Standard benefits below

RTA Standard membership – $2,000 or less* annual investment

  • Registration for one to all RTA events, including annual meeting and breakfast
  • Opportunity to join RTA action teams focused on various topics
  • Weekly member briefing update emails
  • Company listed on RTA membership web page

    *Minimum annual investments for RTA Standard membership:

  • Employees**  Investment*
    1 – 24                 $   500
    25-99                 $   750
    100-199            $ 1,000
    200-499            $ 1,500
    500+                 $ 2,000
  • **  Based on number of employees in extended Triangle market