• France Campbell

AT&T North Carolina

  • Robert Doreauk (RTA membership development chair)

Brios Media

  • Paulo Simoes

The Carolantic Fund

  • Sarah Quinlan

Chatham Park / Preston Development

  • Chuck Smith, Karl Blackley


  • Ashton Smith

Coastal Federal Credit Union

  • Creighton Blackwell (RTA membership development vice chair)

Credit Suisse

  • Dave Krauss, Sophia Wajnert

Dominion Energy

  • Julie Roper (RTA marketing chair)

Duke University

  • Michael Schoenfeld (RTA air service chair)

Fidelity Investments

  • Harold Hicks (RTA engagement vice chair), Kathleen Bentley

First Citizens Bank

  • Jay Irby (RTA rapid research chair), Sam Nichols

First National Bank

  • Chris Moore, Jay Risinger


  • Shelley Blake Curran; Mike Charbonneau

Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Dennis Edwards (RTA air service vice chair), Loren Gold

Gregory Poole Equipment Company

  • Ben Bradsher


  • Rob Herman (RTA regional travel experience vice chair)

Martin Marietta

  • John Tiberi, Buzz Crosby

Maupin Travel

  • Mike Owens

McAdams Company

  • Mary Heath (RTA events chair), Mike Munn, PE

North Carolina Railroad Company

  • Scott Saylor, Megen Hoenk

North Carolina State University

  • Kevin Howell, Julie Smith


  • Hal Bowen

SAS Institute Inc.

  • Katy Salamati  (RTA emerging technology chair), Don McCorquodale

Smith Anderson

  • Pete Marino (RTA freeways chair)

The Special Event Company

  • Sally Webb Berry


  • Michael Krannitz, PE (RTA legislative and policy vice chair), Doug Taylor, PE

STV Inc.

  • Anne Lenart-Redmond (RTA transit vice chair), Monica Barrow

SunTrust Bank

  • Chris Bell, Tom Clinard

The Sunrock Group

  • Randy Lickey, Bryan Pfohl

The Umstead Hotel and Spa

  • Jim Beley (RTA regional travel experience chair), Bryn Nicholson

UNC Chapel Hill

  • Brad Ives (RTA regional transit chair), Than Austin

UNC Health Care / UNC REX Healthcare

  • Kerry Grace Heckle (RTA engagement chair), Tom Maltais


  • Will Letchworth, PE (RTA events chair), Pam Townsend, PE

Ed Willingham of First Citizens Bank names RTA as the “critical business leadership voice” and how the organization assists in our region’s mobility.