• Sreekanth Nandagiri, Jeff Weisner

AT&T North Carolina

  • Robert Doreauk (RTA membership development chair)

Brios Media

  • Paulo Simoes

Chatham Park

  • Chuck Smith, Karl Blackley


  • Brian Kubis (RTA intercity higher speed rail vice chair), Ashton Smith

Coastal Federal Credit Union

  • Creighton Blackwell (RTA membership development vice chair)

Credit Suisse

  • Keith McDonald, Peter Celestini

Duke University

  • Michael Schoenfeld (RTA air service chair)

Fidelity Investments

  • Kathleen Bentley, Leslie Walden

First Citizens Bank

  • Jay Irby (RTA rapid research chair), Sam Nichols

First National Bank

  • Chris Moore


  • Jeff Mann, Shelly Blake

Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Dennis Edwards (RTA air service vice chair), Loren Gold

Gregory Poole Equipment Company

  • Ben Bradsher


  • Rob Herman (RTA regional travel experience vice chair)

Martin Marietta

  • John Tiberi, Buzz Crosby

Mott MacDonald

  • Terry Gibson, Paul Worley

McAdams Company

  • Mary Heath (RTA events chair), Mike Munn, PE

North Carolina Railroad Company

  • Scott Saylor, Megen Hoenk

North Carolina State University

  • Sarah Stone, Cathy Reeve

PSNC Energy

  • Julie Roper (RTA freight and commerce vice chair)

Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority (RDU)

  • Mike Landguth, Kristie VanAuken


  • Hal Bowen

SAS Institute Inc.

  • Don McCorquodale

Smith Anderson

  • Pete Marino (RTA freeways chair)

The Special Event Company

  • Sally Webb Berry


  • Michael Krannitz, PE (RTA legislative and policy vice chair), Doug Taylor, PE

STV Inc.

  • Anne Lenart-Redmond, Monica Barrow

Summit Design and Engineering Services, PLLC 

  • Eric Olsen, PE, Troy Dover, PE

SunTrust Bank

  • Tom Clinard, Chris Bell

The Sunrock Group

  • Randy Lickey, Bryan Pfohl

The Umstead Hotel and Spa

  • Jim Beley (RTA regional travel experience chair), Bryn Nicholson

UNC Chapel Hill

  • Brad Ives (RTA regional transit vice chair), Matt Fajack

UNC Health Care / UNC REX Healthcare

  • Kerry Grace Heckle (RTA communications chair), Tom Maltais


  • Bill Martin, PE, Lyle Overcash, PE


  • Pam Townsend, PE, Will Letchworth, PE

Ed Willingham of First Citizens Bank names RTA as the “critical business leadership voice” and how the organization assists in our region’s mobility.